Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

The leading university in this field and Slovakia’s second-largest university

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) is a modern educational and scientific institution. Since its foundation in the year 1937 more than 105.000 students have graduated. In average, 16.000 students study at the STU every year. At present, the STU consists of seven faculties. It consists of 7 faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Material Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies. All the STU faculties provide a study in accredited study programs within the system of a bachelor, master and PhD study. Faculties use a credit system compatible with the European credit transfer system enabling mobility of students within European Union member countries and a larger European space. In the area of scientific and research activities the STU successfully joins European Union programs.

In the area of scientific and research activities the STU successfully joins European Union programs also due to strong links to local industry and R&D institutions.

The Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL) is a university unit devoted to design and organization of continuing education. ILLL was established in 2001 and comprise of 5 divisions: Continuing Education Centre, University of the Third Age, Language Centre, French Centre, and Centre of Distance Learning. Yearly more than 3000 LLL students are taking part on the courses prepared by ILLL. The focus is mainly in language and information technologies. ILLL supports elderly people and other risk groups to benefit from better involvement into modern, multicultural, technology community. ILLL is equipped not only to provide modern LLL with lecture, computer and language laboratories but also to provide support services online. ILLL is member of national but also international professional bodies involved into university LLL (Slovak Association of Institutions of LLL, European University Lifelong Learning Network, etc.).

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