Student's Voices

Manuel Balles
Participant Class 2018-2020

Why did you decide to participate in this program?
My decision to participate in this program was, to prepare myself for my following management role in my current company, learn more about the automotive industry, get in contact with new people from around the world and
learn about their experiences in this interesting industry.

Can you already apply what you have learned to your professional work?

Several things I learned in the course gave me already a better understanding in different situations in my work life.

How do you manage to combine working and studying?
It is a very challenging situation; especially because my work includes weekly travels and my time is very limited.

How important is networking in your studies?

Networking and Team work is always a key factor to success, also in my studies.

What do you think about business studies offered by a University of Technology?
I believe it is a good combination, because technology is this days one of the key factors of companies success, so it is very important that also the future managers have a good understanding about that topic.

Emrah Eminoglu, MSc
Magna Powertrain GmbH
Participant Class 2018-2020

The Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program is a unique program that is tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. It is a very supplementary program for the people who wants to enhance their current jobs, yet still enlarge their knowledges in the fields such as economics, accounting, corporate finance, management, innovation, quality, HR, logistics etc. Of course all these benefits comes with a cost which is 2 years dedication, mostly giving up from your social time, money and effort. The program requires individuals to commit themselves to maximize the output; in return it offers an academic team with huge industrial experience, nearly 10 years of an MBA program realization history, a sincere climate to establish networking both among the colleagues and with the lecturers, up-to-date case studies and exercises which are also combined with company excursions, business evenings and chats with opinion leaders. The MBA program also introduces the challenges and trends in the automotive industry that one could not come across fully due to the intensity of their ongoing works. Hence, it creates an overview of the big picture of the automotive industry.
I personally learned a lot from the program both theoretically and practically, which I have been adapting to my daily work. The program also enabled me to improve my personal skills such as leadership, communication and ability to work with others in harmony. Due to the broad and cutting edge knowledge the program provides, I am pretty convinced that I will reach my personal career goals.

DI Martina Frieser
Kristl, Seibt & Co GmbH
Participant Class 2016-2018

Why did you decide to participate in this program?
My aim was/ is to enhance my personal and professional skills. I take a great interest in the development of strategies, implementation of methods in order to better assess risks, as well as I am interested in improving my leadership abilities. The training for Professional MBA Automotive Industry offers the best opportunity for this because I work in the automotive field. With a deeper insight into the automotive industry and with the new abilities I hope to enlarge my business network and to achieve a position on upper management level.

Can you already apply what you have learned to your professional work?
The modules of the MBA program give you a good overview of the different areas of the automotive industry. On the one hand, it is always requested to improve one’s skills, but on the other hand, I – as an empolyee – am not always allowed to apply or implement everything. Personally, I try daily to apply the knowledge and methods I have learned in order to continuously improve my way of working.

How do you manage to combine working and studying?
I would have to lie when I say it is "easy going". Of course, it depends on how intensively you prepare yourself for the individual modules. In order to balance work and study you must organize yourself, learn continuously and motivate yourself again and again. Therefore, it is important to be realistic about the workload and the private deprivations before beginning the studies because a lot of time, money and vacation days must be invested for a positive outcome.

How important is networking in your studies?
Networking is very important and contributes to a successful study. Those who have a good relationship with their colleagues miss fewer appointments and find it easier to cope with new situations. But not only networking among colleagues is important, but also networking with the lecturer. The study should be used to build a professional network, so that contacts already exist when they are needed in future.

The quota of women in the university program is still low – do you have a piece of advice for women who are interested in our programs?
Don’t hesitate if you want to take part in the program! Do not shy away from the automotive industry, the costs, the learning effort or the majority of men. Do not let others influence you, but make your own decisions. Believe in yourself and trust your instinct. Try everything and do not give up right away. Keep going because there are always new opportunities to take.

Ing. Ivan Hyžák
MATADOR Industries
Participant Class 2013 -2015

There is no need to talk about the importance of the automotive business in our country. Slovak Republic nowadays is and will be for a long time the world´s leader in production of vehicles per inhabitant (181 of manufactured vehicles per 1 000 inhabitants in the 2013 according to the Automotive Industry Association of Slovakia).
Professional MBA Automotive industry study is a very good opportunity to see broad perspective and the impact of this industrial sector. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of lecturers was very inspiring too. Other important thing is the transfer of experiences from my fellow students whose professional positions are different, but we all have the mutual focus point - the automotive industry. I have been participating in many different educational activities during my professional carrier, but none of them was so comprehensive and as strongly aimed to practical application of theory as the MBA Automotive industry study. Experiences during the study will definitely contribute to my personal development.

Yury Nalivko, Russian Federation
United Automotive Technologies
Participant Class 2012-2014

Select a program for me was simple enough: perhaps this is the only MBA program in the automotive industry, the training is conducted in English, the objectives of the program is to promote the development of automotive cluster in Central and Eastern Europe – meet the perspectives and needs of the Russian automotive industry, and, of course, important is the collaboration of two specialized universities. The important point is the composition faculty and program participants are practitioners and managers of the automotive industry from different companies and different nationalities.
Intensive program start and the first modules confirmed for me the choice of program. Block «team building» allowed to individual participants create a team of like-minded persons just in two days. Various professional and cultural experience of participants allows solving tasks from different points of view and create new knowledge. Communication gives a lot of useful information and opinions.

General information course allowed a look at the history, current status and prospects of the automotive industry with the development requirements of the consumers and the society, the automotive industry and modern technology, the economy and even philosophy. Team task force me to dive in the training material.
The decision to use the IPAD allows me to facilitate the study of the extensive material without the use of paper and always have on hand all necessary material and own comments to it during the studying. The IPAD as a tool for learning has proved to be very friendly and convenient.

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