Student's Voices

DI Naresh Laddha
Participant Class 2015-2017
AVL List GmbH

My motivation:

After competing my masters in technical studies, I worked in various Technical areas and positions in the Automotive  Industry for 22 Years.
Having seen the line management in operations of automotive industry, development of a  product,  its usage in real life, and the service related issues I wondered about following:

  • How do organizations plan their product and make profit?
  • How does the Sales work, how to forecast consumer requirements?
  • Can we avoid or at least reduce the firefighting situations in operations/ services by planning products that meet or even exceed customer expectations? Is this possible in Automotive Industry?

This lead me to shifting my career orientation from Technical to Marketing & Sales. However very quickly I could feel a need to understand this area more scientifically.
So I joined the Professional MBA Automotive Industry
Coincidentally I heard about this course from a friend and luckily I could see a source to find answers to my questions.
Most of the course contents related to Finances, Economics, Marketing/ Competition strategy, Business laws were exactly what I was looking for.
Moreover other contents like: HR Management, Social Competences, Automotive logistics were also having value addition for me.

My impression so far..

is that the decision to do this course is right one. This is simply due to following positive experiences:

  • You get excellent  friends (co-student) from different areas of Automotive Industry through whom you can learn a lot what is not in the syllabus. The team building session at the start of course is a key to this.
  • The topics related with finances provided me a different angle to view the business
  • The restart of study makes me feel hungry for learning more
  • The weekends during study with student life are awesome    

Leo Höppel, MSc
Participant Class 2015-2017
Magna Powertrain AG & Co KG

Why I  chose the MBA program:

After my technical education I was searching for a possibility to gain more knowledge about management and economics.
The blocked program which is planned for two years in advance fits perfectly to my needs and makes it easier to arrange the study besides a busy working life.
As my professional background lies in the automotive industry, it was obvious to choose the “Professional MBA Automotive Industry”.

My impression until now:

I enjoyed all modules so far and my expectations were completely fulfilled.
Every module covered interesting topics and it was always possible to transfer the new knowledge directly into the daily working life.
Especially the great and motivating climate within our international team contributes to this great learning experience.
I’m really looking forward to the next modules!

DI Bernd Kögler
Participant Class 2015-2017
Pankl Engine  Systems GmbH &Co KG

My motivation to participate the Professional MBA Automotive Industry

During the last few years I kept on thinking about possibilities to handle our business in a more efficient and optimized way.

Questions like:

"What could I or we improve and still keep our general enterprise principles?"
"How would other managers or company - structures enable to solve daily business in a more effective, fast and sustainable way than we currently do?"
"Compared to other companies, where is my company In respect of overall performance but also related to customer and staff satisfaction?"

came up but I was not always in the position to answer all to my full satisfaction.

As I studied the content of the MBA program I assumed that some of the above mentioned questions could be answered during the 18 month program and I could be given the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as the right tools and instruments to analyze these tasks in a more precise way. In addition I would get the chance to exchange experience with colleagues working in different companies and fields of operation facing daily challenges within the automotive industry.

My preliminary conclusion after 7 month of participation

Most of my expectations were fulfilled completely or even exceeded my expectations
First It was very easy for me to build a team with the peers during the first introduction and outdoor module. I was treated in a way I felt very comfortable by both the team of the university and the participants of the MBA class
The content of the lectures up to now is very clear and the lecturers teach in a way that the imparted knowledge is convertible from the class lessons into professional working life.
A lot of communication also takes place off the lecture between the colleagues and I therefore learn continuously from the experience, solutions and behavior others made in their working life.  

Despite the fact that one out of five weekends is completely consumed by the MBA lectures and almost every weekend is partly covered with pre- or post-processing of the lecture I enjoy the new learning experience very much and look forward to the upcoming teaching units, excursions and social team events

Ing. Ivan Hyžák
MATADOR Industries
Participant Class 2013 -2015

There is no need to talk about the importance of the automotive business in our country. Slovak Republic nowadays is and will be for a long time the world´s leader in production of vehicles per inhabitant (181 of manufactured vehicles per 1 000 inhabitants in the 2013 according to the Automotive Industry Association of Slovakia).
Professional MBA Automotive industry study is a very good opportunity to see broad perspective and the impact of this industrial sector. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of lecturers was very inspiring too. Other important thing is the transfer of experiences from my fellow students whose professional positions are different, but we all have the mutual focus point - the automotive industry. I have been participating in many different educational activities during my professional carrier, but none of them was so comprehensive and as strongly aimed to practical application of theory as the MBA Automotive industry study. Experiences during the study will definitely contribute to my personal development.

Yury Nalivko, Russian Federation
United Automotive Technologies
Participant Class 2012-2014

Select a program for me was simple enough: perhaps this is the only MBA program in the automotive industry, the training is conducted in English, the objectives of the program is to promote the development of automotive cluster in Central and Eastern Europe – meet the perspectives and needs of the Russian automotive industry, and, of course, important is the collaboration of two specialized universities. The important point is the composition faculty and program participants are practitioners and managers of the automotive industry from different companies and different nationalities.
Intensive program start and the first modules confirmed for me the choice of program. Block «team building» allowed to individual participants create a team of like-minded persons just in two days. Various professional and cultural experience of participants allows solving tasks from different points of view and create new knowledge. Communication gives a lot of useful information and opinions.

General information course allowed a look at the history, current status and prospects of the automotive industry with the development requirements of the consumers and the society, the automotive industry and modern technology, the economy and even philosophy. Team task force me to dive in the training material.
The decision to use the IPAD allows me to facilitate the study of the extensive material without the use of paper and always have on hand all necessary material and own comments to it during the studying. The IPAD as a tool for learning has proved to be very friendly and convenient.

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