Alumni Voices

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Jursitzky, MBA
BMW Motoren GmbH
Alumnus Class 2013 - 2015

Education is a knowledge transfer from one generation to another – in the best way thus the combination of intelligence and character is promoted.

The PMBA Automotive offers both elements. Starting with the teambuilding event – a group of strangers having just in common that they want to obtain further education on the automotive sector,  is welded  into a team of fellow students, which in my case became quickly a group of friends. To work as a team is helpful since the exchange of ideas and opinions is necessary during the groupworks, lectures and in the preparation period of exams. Due to the different nations of the participants I learned how to understand and cooperate with people from different cultures  - which was very enriching.  As we are out of different areas of the automotive business or other businesses – it is interesting to see different perceptions on subjects and to learn from each other.

The lectures take place in Vienna and Bratislava  -  which is a good combination, since in Austria and Slovakia there are many automotive companies situated which will be visited during the excursions.
The lecturers are as well from different countries , all high qualified experts with a lot of experience in their field. The content of the modules allows to obtain broadbanded knowledge of the automotive business, as well as managerial skills applicable in all company fields.

DI  Peter Braun, MBA
Opel Wien GmbH
Alumnus Class 2012 - 2014

The teambuilding event conducted by Mr. Stockert was a very reasonable am effective approach to transform a group of unknown people to a team with a common target, knowing some base information about every member of the 2012-2014 MBA AI program. I liked the approach, the learnings and reflections of each exercise a lot and hope that we as a team will follow the ideas and principles we have experienced, and develop the team spirit even further. As we are an interesting mixture of members of the automotive sector, with a wide spectrum of different roles, skills and countries, I am sure that we will not only exchange a lot of experience, but also learn a lot about our cultural background.The first lectures gave a broad overview about the Automotive Industry globally and especially interesting insights in the automotive sector of Slovakia. Based on the first impressions, the participation at the MBA program is the perfect possibility to gain managerial knowledge and develop oneself further.As first cohort we started to use an IPAD instead of handouts, which was a little bit challenging at the starting phase. As it is possible to make notes within the pdf-files in different ways, we had to find out the best personal way of usage. In my opinion the IPAD is a great support for our study, but sometimes it will be necessary to print out the documents.

Thomas Vossaert, MBA
Alumnus Class 2012 - 2014

Not really knowing what to expect I was very curious what my first impressions of the PMBA Automotive Industry would be like. The welcome reception was held in a very unique location in the centre of Vienna and the open-hearted welcome of the program coordinators was really motivating. The team building activity that took place at the Wienerwald was a perfect opportunity to get to know the other participants and to create the team spirit that we will need to successfully complete the program. After having established a feeling of comfort within the group we had two very interesting first modules which did not only comprise theoretical knowledge about the automotive industry but where we also started many vivid and intense discussions. To discuss the important topics in the automotive industry with experts from university, OEMs and suppliers from all over Europe was a great experience and I think this exchange of ideas and approaches will be one main benefit of the program. Being used to study with hard copy scripts I was very skeptical about the use of Ipads within the program and expected it to be more a gimmick than a helpful item. After a short introduction how to use the Ipads and provided apps I was very surprised by the user friendliness. It is very easy to make notes and marks within the presentation. Having all my documents available anytime and everywhere is very convenient. In addition to that, by using the Ipad I don´t need to print out so many pages and have to carry a lot less weight on the trips to the modules, therefore it is also an environmentally friendly approach. I am looking forward to the next modules.

DI (FH) Gregor Gratschner, MBA
Remus Innovation GmbH
Alumnus Class 2011 - 2013

I chose the MBA program in Automotive Industry for four main reasons: First, I wanted to expand my personal academic horizon by attending profoundly taught lectures (knowledge), second, improve my professional possibilities (career), third, get to know other professionals that also work in the same field like I do but in different positions (exchange) and fourth, gather impressions of other markets, such as Slovakia or Bulgaria (experience).
So far these expectations have been met nearly all of the time. What I fancy most about this MBA program is our team of participants. It is extraordinarily lively, enthusiastic and international. I would not have expected to meet participants from so many different countries taking part in that program, all the better this is the case. This ensures intercultural exchange, sharpens an understanding of other business approaches and in particular, often represents a possibility to not only appreciate each others' professional expertise, but also to become and stay friends.
The MBA program in Automotive Industry can be highly recommended. It offers good value for price, the program itself is well organised, the lecturers are all practitioners that have a good reputation in their corresponding field of activity and most of all, the benefits that are produced by the program participants themselves, who come from all different business areas that exist in this industry and thus ensure thriving discussions, will take to so far unknown levels of problem solving capability, tolerance and flexibility.

Klaus Müller, MBA
Continental Automotive Austria GmbH
Alumnus Class 2011 - 2013

Despite being a real challenge to manage it in addition to a demanding job, the Professional MBA Automotive Industry adds value in various respects:
Firstly it is fully held in English, due to a student group of 20 people from 8 different nationalities. Lectures in Vienna and Bratislava offer a broad spectrum of lecturers and their backgrounds. Basically all entrepreneurial areas of today's automotive industry are covered with learning material, presentations, new methodologies & tools and actual available data. Excursions to automotive companies and institutes as well as use cases and simulation games add practical knowledge and expertise.

The fact that the student group is very heterogeneous in background and age gives a very interesting mix of skills & talents, of experience & spontaneity.
Last but not least everybody has a different motivation for this MBA but we managed to develop a real great team-spirit in our group.

Doc. Ing. Å tefan Rosina, MBA
Matador Holding, Slovakia
Alumnus Class 2011 – 2013

As my HR Director suggested me to take part in the Professional MBA Automotive Industry, it was a surprise for me, because since 1984 I have been running the business and I gathered valuable experience in many different positions in the company. After my graduation from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava I have improved my knowledge and skills in economics, finance, HR, controlling, production, logistics and business leadership. In 1998 I finished my PhD degree at the University of Economics in Bratislava, and in 2004 I was appointed as an associated professor at the University of Mining in Ostrava in Czech Republic.
Therefore I thought that there is no necessity to continue my education with a MBA program. But this would be a huge mistake. Now I am very happy with the MBA program which gives me a lot of benefits for my professional life.
First of all the program gives me opportunities to push myself to read and analyse a lot of information, articles, and books. In the “running business life“ it would be quite impossible.
Secondly I have met a lot of very clever and interesting lecturers, members of academic and scientific institution, external lecturers from automotive industries and R&D centres. During company visits and excursions we have shared with experts from the company some experience and knowledge from the practice. I have learned, how to achieve success in this very turbulent time period. It gave me some new inspiration and ideas.
Last, but not least in our classroom I have a great opportunity to speak with excellent people from different areas of the automotive world. It helps me to keep younger and motivates me to accept new ways of thinking. In addition I could learn a lot from other participants.
Shortly speaking, this program is an excellent opportunity to get upgraded for all people, who like really to improve their level of performance and knowledge.

Ing. Zuzana Šolopová, MBA
Kongsberg Automotive
Alumna 2011 - 2013

Since I have graduated university, I never managed to finish my education. International certificates of welding and other technical and quality training programmes improved my professional background on technical level, but I was missing information and knowledge from a higher perspective to better understand the relationship between processes and people.

When I started to find a suitable training program, I was unsure of trying an MBA. I thought that it would be too general and a predominately economically oriented study. This perception was guiding my decision to find something more specific, much more practical with people experienced from industry, not just from an academy field.

I was really surprised when searching on Google and I found the Automotive MBA training program organized by Technical University from Wien with Slovak University of Technology from Bratislava. This was the first point I really appreciated International study close to home and work. The training program cost was comparable with other MBA studies even with a worse rating.

Automotive MBA study has also been one of my best decisions in my personal life as well. Basic information from finance, tasks solving under time pressure, team work and motivation - all these topics will help me to better organize my personal and professional life which is an additional value from this study that I fully recommend.

Roberto Baccaglini, MBA
McLaren Automotive Ltd.
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

Round up, through the Professional MBA (PMBA) Automotive Industry, my professional competencies with a broader knowledge of business subjects, so I am able to understand fully the complexity of company issues and become a fully-fledged Automotive Industry manager. PMBA, as a comprehensive course with transnational nature, is for me a “lifetime chance” to gain a formal recognition of my competencies and skills, expand my knowledge further and put into practice, on the job, what I learn here. Moreover, this will give a boost to my career and open new prospects at international level. My impression after the first module is extremely positive. The outdoor experience was very rewarding and contributed to strengthen further our team spirit and confidence. On overall, the pace and the contents of the lectures are demanding – there’s really no time to lose.

DI Christoph Baier, MBA
Continental Automotive Austria
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

My main motivation to participate in the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is to extend my technical know-how and managerial experience with up to date business skills presented in this program. In addition I want to learn more about the automotive value creation system. The first lectures were very compact and full of interesting details about the automotive business and future trends. The presentation of vivid examples made it easy to understand the basics. The exchange of different experiences from the participants is for me one of the most important benefits of our class. The teambuilding event gave us a perfect start as a team in this challenging journey in the next two years towards our goal to achieve the MBA.

Ing. Slavomír Hunák, MBA
AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co.KG
Alumnus 2009 - 2011

Thanks to the MBA studies and detailed insight into best practices of automotive industry also other industrial customers had been positively affected and many new acquired. For our international company in Germany which is having it´s origins in industrial automation was the successful expansion into automotive very big step. And very successful in terms of using existing technologic leadership from motors, drives and control technology. Getting personal contacts for some of the top managements and up-to-date information is the basis for growth and internalization of business operations, but the busines is done always between people. Gaining friends with incredible drive going the same direction in their careers is the main reason to recommend post-graduate study of Automotive MBA. 

Juan Carlos Legaspi, MEng, MBA
Chrysler de México
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

My expectations are high and the faculty staff of both institutions is excellent also with great enthusiasm to guide you to explore new trends in the automotive industry.
Changes in my career perspectives and personal life are the main motivators to participate in the professional MBA automotive industry program.  Due to the strong academic curriculum of the program, I will be prepared to incursion in other areas of the automotive industry different from those of my previous experience. My peers are great and provide an excellent opportunity for networking in the industry of my interest.
Diversity of experience, academic backgrounds, nationalities either from my colleagues and the faculty provide the ideal environment to learn from interesting business case discussions and to enhance our leadership and business competences. The outdoor module, in which we participate in a wonderful location in the Vienna Woods, set the conditions to promote a cohesive competitive MBA group instead of fierce competition among the MBA participants. Now, after all these first lectures and experiences, I dare to confirm that this Professional MBA automotive industry program is unique in its kind and that I am very excited about my future.

Mag. Rene Petzner, MBA
KIA Austria
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

As I am working at automotive distributer level, I am looking forward getting a deeper insight within the automotive industry when doing this MBA program. Already the first lectures confirmed my expectation being taught by a practical approach and on a fundamental analysis of the current situation of the automotive industry in crisis. Looking ahead to the 2 years to go I am convinced that this education will be a valuable enhancement of my personal knowledge and skills for my daily working life. Besides that I got to know a lot of interesting and will experienced class colleagues from different working levels and even could put in practice some very exciting and useful team building module at the beginning of the course.

DI (FH) Christoph Pöstinger, MBA
FH Wiener Neustadt
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

It is great to be part in the world's first MBA program focusing on automotive. There are very interesting students representing different players within the automotive industry and the program provides also a valuable platform for exchanging ideas. My expectations to the program are to get deep inside knowledge from numerous experts and interdisciplinary knowledge, to work on actions (theoretical and practical) regarding the current financial crisis and to build a network among students and lecturers.
My first impression is that the program offers an interesting and challenging curriculum as well organized.

Ing. Alfred Walshäusl, MBA
Continental Automotive Austria
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

My motivation to attend the Professional MBA Automotive Industry was to gather additional knowledge, share opinions and to participate on the experiences of my peers. Based on my work experience, I have high expectations on these elements. After the first module and the outdoor teambuilding event, I know that the application for this program was the right decision. The team spirit, the competence of lecturers and students, as well as the efficient organizational management of the program reflect the needs of people working in automotive.

Ing. Ernst Weigl, MBA
Continental Automotive Austria
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

By different media the MBA Automotive Industry was notified and called my attention. The program perfectly supports my intention to extend my knowledge how to manage an industrial company and to enhance my automotive knowledge. The content of the first session of the program was fully in line with my expectation while the challenging lectures are in front of us. Harsh weather conditions didn't prevent us from the outdoor module in the Wienerwald. We did a big step forward to form a perfect team of students coming from different nations with a wide range of experiences and profession. After successful completion of the MBA program I am convinced to contribute in a more professional way to the targeted results of my company while the opportunity to be promoted for a higher or extended position will increase.

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