The Professional MBA Automotive Industry is a unique European accredited MBA program for the automotive and component supply industry. This practice-oriented program partly funded by the EU offers participants access to international experts, course content specifically tailored to the requirements of the industry, excursions to major automotive and supplier production sites, fireside chats with opinion leaders, cross-border cooperation between two major universities and at the end, a fully certified academic degree - all within the framework of a continuing education course running in parallel with their professional life.

Strengthening Management-related Subjects

Postgraduate students will learn the management related subjects in order to acquire the cutting edge knowledge and upgrade their skills in combination with Automotive Industry lelated case studies.

Managing excellent quality

Based on the basics of the Processes, Process Management and Quality Management participants will gain a deeper understanding of the methods and tools for quality improvement, implementation of Six Sigma, and the its maintenance.

Gaining a deeper insight into the automotive industry and logistics

Postgraduate students will become familiar with the specialisations, problems, methods and upcoming trends in the automotive industry covering everything from brands, systems, development processes, production planning and control system right up to the logistics processes. They will be in a position to to evaluate the current situation and forecast the future economic, managerial and technological development in the automotive industry.

Excursions, Business Evening & On-site lecture

Major highlights of the program are the top class Business Evenings with opinion leaders, excursions to OEMs and suppliers and on site lecture at the production plants of OEMs. This makes the Professional MBA Automotive Industry a unique practice- and future-oriented postgraduate program.

Master´s Thesis

The practice-oriented Master´s Thesis, based on academic criteria, aims to enhance participants´skills and knowledge in the specific subjects of the MBA program.

Invitation: Business Evening: New powertrain concepts, connectivity and innovative mobility solutions as game changer for the automotive industry"
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Professional MBA Automotive Industry - welcomes the new students
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The Continuing Education Center at the MBA Day 2019
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