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The world economy falls in a crisis. The automobile and component supply industry are challenged by the global economic crisis and are suffering from the crisis. But on other hand many companies will accept this crisis as a challenge for pursuing development and investment for the continuing education of present and future managers who should be able to identify short-term and long-term challenges, to structure complex, dynamic projects and to make the right decisions in complex and difficult situations. Also the leadership role in Central Europe is subject to different demands due to multi-sectoral requirements. Successful technicians and managers are those who are specialists not only in their field of expertise but who also have in-depth creative and decision-making abilities in related areas such as marketing, business management, law, protection of intellectual property, and teamwork.

The professional MBA Automotive Industry offered by the Vienna University of Technology and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The lectures will be given in English by internationally renowned professors and experts and will be a good combination between theory and practice. This Professional MBA Automotive Industry starts on March 6, 2009 for the first time.

The program is primarily targeted at persons operating in the automotive and components supply industries:

  • Company employees or self-employed persons who have positioned themselves as leaders, or who wish to do so. 
  • Employees who have taken their career steps and now want to prepare themselves for further career development by taking on a managerial function within the automotive and components supply industries. 
  • Potential company founders with a technical background.

CENTROPE Scholarships” in the amount of EUR 10,000 will be awarded to give an opportunity for high level academic education to qualified persons fulfilling the admission requirements, a positive admission process as well as one of the scholarship criteria:

  • Permanent residency in Austria or Slovak Republic or 
  • Employment in the automotive or components supply industries in one of the two countries mentioned above.

Application for the scholarship:
Please send your complete application consisting of application form, letter of recommendation, CV, certificates of previous degrees, copy of passport and letter of motivation to automotive(at)tuwien.ac.at by January 09, 2009 the latest.

For further information and personal advisory service

Vienna University of Technology
Continuing Education Center
Dr. Man-Wook Han, MSc.(OU)
Operngasse 11/017
A-1040 Vienna, Austria
T +43/(0)1/ 58801 41701
F +43/(0)1/ 58801 41799
E automotive(at)tuwien.ac.at

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Institute of Lifelong Learning
Dipl.-Ing. Miroslav Babinsky
Vazovova 5
SK-812 43 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
T +421/(0)2/ 572 94 548
F +421/(0)2/ 572 94 678
E automotive(at)tuwien.ac.at

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