Statements from faculty members

KR Dipl.-Kfm. Brigitte Kroll-Thaller, MBA

Consultant Marketing and University Lecturer

It is a pleasure to work with young professionals from the Automotive Industry. During the Master Program, participants refresh and deepen their knowledge in various managerial disciplines. The exchange of knowledge from various areas of the Automotive Industry from suppliers to manufacturers is equally important as the cultural exchange from the different countries of the participants. The participation in the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is an investment in the future.

Univ.Lektor Dipl.-Ing. Albert Lidauer

Senior Vice President Magna Exteriors EU

Lean manufacturing and lean organisations are crucial acchievements for any company in the Automotive Industry. Though future leaders need to understand that only with the right leadership behaviour and adequate organizational concepts the full performance potential can be realised.

Durting the "Lean Management in Automotive Production" module of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry the graduate will get familiar with key methods to lead companies to world-class levels of "lean"!

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