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The automotive industry in the Central European (CENTROPE) Region is booming. Every year more than 4 million cars are produced in this region. There is a great need for qualified managers in the automotive and components supply industries.

Managers in these industries have to meet different demands due to multi-sectoral requirements. The biggest competition nowadays lies in the automotive and related industries. Successful engineers and managers are those who are specialists not only in their field of expertise but who also have in-depth creative and decision-making abilities in related areas such as marketing, business management, law, protection of intellectual property, and teamwork.

The automotive industry comprises a wide global network of co-operating enterprises with a high division of labor, a small number of brands for all the modules, systems or components suppliers, and applies the “global best” strategy. It relies on each and every individual for its fast evolution.

In cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency, TU Wien and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava have set up a Professional MBA Program for the Automotive Industry aimed at training managers for the automotive and components supply industries.

The development of the MBA Program was supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Slovak-Austrian cross-border cooperation programme 2007 - 2013.

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