The FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) is one of the foremost quality assurance institutions in Europe, with internationally recognized quality standards, and accredits programs of study provided by state and private universities throughout Europe. The aim of the FIBAA is to ensure the academic programs in question are of high quality. The seal of quality of the FIBAA is awarded to educational programs that are particularly worthy of being singled out due to their quality and sustainable nature.

In its accreditation procedure for assessing the quality of a course, the FIBAA verifies the following five core areas:

• Aims and strategy
• Admission procedures
• Design of the course
• Resources and services
• Quality assurance

In addition, the FIBAA seal of quality certifies that the accredited programs demonstrate all the quality traits required of an international MBA program, and it thus has the effect of enhancing the degrees awarded in terms of the international recognition accorded them. The FIBAA examines and, by conferring accreditation, certifies the international focus of the programs in accordance with the "Standards & Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area" of ENQA and the "European MBA Guidelines" of the European Quality Link (EQUAL).

The seal of quality is awarded to the Professional MBA Automotive Industry until 2020.

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